HOLY [email protected]#$: Look What Duggars’ Homeschool Curriculum Teaches About Sexual Abuse (IMAGES)

It’s pretty easy to understand why the Duggars — including Josh and the much younger sisters he abused — don’t consider his taking sexual liberties with children to be a gigantic deal, if one looks at the curriculum they use to indoctrinate their children into their cult-like mindset.

The Duggars use a Bible-based homeschooling curriculum from the advanced Training Institute, which was founded and run by Bill Gothard, who was accused in 2014 of sexually harassing 34 women and teen girls, and sexually assaulting four. The curriculum includes a number of insane ideas, including male authoritarianism, young earth creationism and, perhaps most relevant to the Josh Duggar situation, this:

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These are the sort of guidelines at least most of Josh Duggar’s victims (his sisters) learned when dealing with their own sexual assaults. Did god allow it to happen because they were dressed immodestly? Because their Satan Bits became exposed at one point? Because they did not stay close enough to their parents when they were sleeping to prevent their brother from abusing them in their beds? Were their friends evil?

Perhaps more sickening than the institutionalized victim-blaming and slut-shaming is that they are taught it is perfectly fine for the crime never to be reported to the authorities — they can talk to God instead. Besides, God compensates abuse victims with extra “spiritual power,” and that’s better than justice any day.

It’s exactly the sort of curriculum one would expect to be offered by an (alleged) sexual predator, and followed by a child molester like Duggar.

Recovering Grace, a group dedicated to supporting former members of Gothard’s cult, highlights some other “lessons” taught in the curriculum. In Lessons From Moral Failure in a Family, families are taught how to deal with child abuse and molestation.

In one scenario, an older brother much like Josh was discovered molesting his younger siblings. The problem was not that he did it in the first place — it was that his whore sisters came out of the bath without their towels, and didn’t behave “modestly” in their dresses:



What a relief to know that the victims are guilty! It must be wonderful for Josh to understand that he does not truly bear any blame for his actions. In fact, it’s probably best to stop calling them victims altogether…because there are no victims:


If a father sexually abuses his children, he’s in the clear as well. Sure, what he did was wrong but, as the man of the house, his wife must “appeal” to him to end the abuse. If that doesn’t work, his parents should approach him and ask him to stop abusing his children. If all else fails, the church can get involved.:


Josh Duggar has decided that God has forgiven him for his transgressions — something that seems to be of comfort to conservatives, but is meaningless to anyone who actually cares that he molested five children. He has received counseling — from a friend of the family who is serving more than 50 years in prison for possession of child pornography.

To conservatives, that is enough.

Featured Image via Recovering Grace


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