Hispanic Children Might Be Syrian, Says Texas Constable, Calls Citizens To Arm Themselves

A Constable south of Dallas is trying to win a triple crown in xenophobia, bigotry, and Islamophobia. A group of about 500 undocumented South American unaccompanied minors, ages 12-17, are going to be housed in an area Christian Summer Camp for 21 days. The Ellis County Constable, instead of simply informing the public, called for them to arm themselves. Because: Syrians!

According to Constable Mike Jones:

Shouldn’t we be moving them closer to the border so we can kick their butts back across the Rio Grande? I am told these illegals are NOT Syrians, but are South Americans. Are you kidding me? Are we supposed to believe anything the Obama administration tells us?

My advice to everyone is to remain vigilant, to carry your weapon at all times. Do not hesitate to call 911 if you suspect something is going on. Let us check it out. Meanwhile we will be working hard to get these folks out of Ellis County.

There you have it, the most stupid thing you will read all day. The Constable, Mike Jones (Facebook), appears to be a complete Islamophobe and claims to be an “Oathkeeper:” a seditious group of former servicemen who also happen to be RWNJ conspiracy theorists.  Of course he is one of that ilk, it makes the unreasonable call to incite violence against kids already in the custody of the US Government seem much less shocking.

These kids are fleeing places like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras — the murder capital of the world — and they now have to be worried about a County that is being encouraged to arm themselves against them. (Because they are brown, and therefore, might be Syrian.) Luckily for the kids, they are coming — not without security as Jones said on his facebook page — with a huge entourage of security and caretakers.

According to U.S. Congressman Joe Barton, a Texas Teahadist who has whined that they are being forced to allow the kids to be housed there, and is working to make sure they never have to care for kids ever again:

While at the camp, there will be over 200 adults who come with them to supervise their daily routine. Additionally, there will be private security provided and paid for by the federal government plus local law enforcement provided by the Ellis County Sheriff’s Department.

If any of those kids are injured due to this Constable’s direction to untrained civilians, as an authority figure, to be armed and “vigilant,” that will be blood on his hands.

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