Hillary’s Plan For Ending Poverty Is A Liberal’s Christmas List

I know, I know, I’m not supposed to say anything good about Hillary because she’s evil or untrustworthy or something. But putting aside the media’s false narrative, we see the real Hillary: A woman that has been fighting for the poor for her entire professional life.

In an op-ed for the New York Times, Hillary Clinton tackles poverty and describes the unbelievably under-reported gains America has made in alleviating said poverty in just the past few years:

“In the United States, a new report from the Census Bureau found that there were 3.5 million fewer people living in poverty in 2015 than just a year before.

Median incomes rose by 5.2 percent, the fastest growth on record. Households at all income levels saw gains, with the largest going to those struggling the most. The census report makes clear that when hard-working Americans get a small boost — like food stamps and health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act — they can climb out of poverty.”

But poor people climbing out of poverty doesn’t make for sexy headlines so good luck hearing about it. Bad news gets more air time. Good news gets buried. There’s a reason so many people think the economy is getting worse despite it steadily and objectively improving: Your “liberal” media hard at work.

Hillary goes on to explain that it’s not all champagne and roses but gives a well thought-out recipe for making it better:

“The best way to help families lift themselves out of poverty is to make it easier to find good-paying jobs. As president, one of my top priorities will be increasing economic growth that’s strong, fair and lasting. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to make a historic investment in good-paying jobs — jobs in infrastructure and manufacturing, technology and innovation, small businesses and clean energy. And we need to make sure that hard work is rewarded by raising the minimum wage and finally guaranteeing equal pay for women.”

“Strong, fair and lasting” is a particularly important phrase here because it’s the basis for what Obama has been doing for the past 8 years. Yes, a lot of gains have gone to the already rich, making it less than fair buuuuuut the recovery has been VERY strong (if not fast) and shows every sign of lasting. Even the “fair” part is finally starting to kick in as Obamacare and state level increases in the minimum wage are undoing much of the damage caused by the Great Recession and Wall Street’s greed.

So, 8 more years of a steadily growing economy so robust that it barely stuttered after the Brexit vote, the price of oil crashed and China’s economy went into a tailspin? Yeah, I’d like that please! Pretty please?

The rest of the column is filled with more detailed plans than any Republican has bothered to give in the last 8 years. Hillary discusses a vast increase in affordable housing, particularly in expensive cities. She discusses giving extra attention to the areas most impacted by extreme poverty, saying she and Tim Kaine will, “model our anti-poverty strategy on Congressman Jim Clyburn’s 10-20-30 plan, directing 10 percent of federal investments to communities where 20 percent of the population has been living below the poverty line for 30 years. And we’ll put special emphasis on minority communities that have been held back for too long by barriers of systemic racism.”

Her critics will accuse her of pandering, less insane people will look forward to her proposals and plan to hold her to her word.

The entire column is a laundry list of liberal asks and Hillary is exactly the kind of policy wonk to get much of it past a hostile, Republican-controlled House. This is one of the reasons I’ve personally been very excited about a Hillary presidency from the start. All the soaring rhetoric in the world won’t budge Republicans 100% dedicated to destroying you. Arm-twisting, giant brass ovaries and the ability to outmaneuver the GOP, on the other hand, moves America forward one step at a time.

If one of the most qualified candidates to ever run giving one of the most detailed-oriented plans for improving the country doesn’t excite you because she doesn’t give barn-burning speeches, I think you might have your priorities a bit out of whack. America needs a smart, tough and REALLY well-prepared leader and that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton is.

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