Hillary’s Heartfelt Letter To This Lesbian Couple Is Sure To Move You To Tears (IMAGE/VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton is the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in 2016, and she just gave the LGBTQ community just one more reason to support her. In her campaign video, the former Secretary of State featured a lesbian couple who are engaged to be married, Kassie Thornton and Christy Spitzer. Well, the couple got a great big surprise via snail mail this week when they opened their mailbox to find a heartfelt and personal letter from none other than Hillary Clinton herself thanking them for appearing in her campaign video. Here is an image of the letter, as posted to Instagram by Thornton and reposted by It Gets Better:

Hillary letter IYON

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The caption from the Instagram post read:

Ooo this is definitely a framer!! We feel so honored to receive such a heartfelt letter from (hopefully) the first female President of the U.S.! #Hillaryforamerica #hillary2016#itgetsbetter #061315 #allinwithkassieandchristy #bigdreams#gettingreadyforthewedding #grateful

I agree, this is definitely a framer, and I am so happy for this couple. I am also happy for the ongoing and heartfelt support that Hillary Clinton is showing for our community. Thornton and Spitzer said of receiving the letter to The Huffington Post:

It’s not every day that you open your mailbox to find a letter of gratitude, love, and support from the potential first female president of the U.S. We felt so honored, touched, and downright humbled. We are blown away that she is a heartfelt supporter of the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ and is aware how important their powerful message is. The organization does positive things for many young people all over the world!

Spitzer and Thornton, along with another same-sex couple from Clinton’s campaign video, have invited the potential Democratic nominee to their wedding, saying that they “hope she can come celebrate our love and future with us and our loved ones.” The couple went on to say of the beautiful and inspiring letter:

For Ms. Clinton to thank us for being part of her video announcement and to know that we are getting married [in June] is just unbelievable. Simply amazing!! Like screaming out loud amazing! We hope she can come and celebrate our love and future with us and our loved ones! And we hope she uses her plus one wisely!

And without further ado, here is the campaign video that Hillary Clinton released, featuring such a diverse selection of Americans and their families:

I am so happy for this couple, and so happy that the LGBT community has found a true champion in Hillary Clinton. Her GOP competitors should be very afraid, for this is just another reason in a long line for anyone who cares about equality to vote for her if she manages to cinch the nomination.

On a lighter note, though, I surely hope this happy couple gets their wish of having Hillary at their wedding, and that they are willing to share the photos. Congratulations on your nuptials, my sisters. From the bottom of my heart, I couldn’t be happier for you.

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