Hillary Was Right Not To Discuss Her Pneumonia With A Recklessly Irresponsible Press

There’s been a lot of hand-wringing from the “liberal” media about Hillary not being open about her health until it affected her in public:

The New York Times: The episode thrust questions about Mrs. Clinton’s health and the transparency of her campaign squarely into the last two months of the race, which many polls show has grown tighter.

Washington Post: But the issue is that Clinton kept reporters totally in the dark for 90 minutes after her abrupt departure from the 9/11 memorial service for a health-related matter. No reporter was allowed to follow her.

Los Angeles Times: But some critics complained that Clinton did not reveal the potentially debilitating condition Friday when it was diagnosed.

The Week: Why did Hillary Clinton lie about her health?

I haven’t turned the TV on yet but I imagine cable news is littered with hosts asking with innocent wide eyes why Hillary would not announce to the world that she caught pneumonia.

But the answer is pretty straightforward:

Why the hell would she?

Think about what’s been going on for the last year: The allegedly “neutral” media had been waiting with bated breath to report that she sent classified information in her personal emails. And when that didn’t quite pan out, they reported it anyway. And kept reporting it even after FBI Director James Comey made it very clear she hadn’t.

Then they went scrounging through tens of thousands of her emails expecting to find something, ANYTHING, to prove she’s corrupt. And when that didn’t pan out, either, they literally invented a new kind of scandal just for her. Instead of actual corruption, she was guilty of “bad optics” and we should all be very upset that it “looks bad.” This is despite the fact that all the evidence they found showed that Hillary’s State Department very clearly did not do favors for donors or play fast and loose with the law.

At one point, the Associated Press actually ran a widely-panned story describing in great detail how Hillary’s department helped out a Nobel Peace Prize winner and world famous humanitarian. We’re supposed to believe this is a sign of possible corruption because he once donated to the Clinton Foundation because…..? Oh right, because it’s Hillary Clinton. No evidence required.

They went ballistic over her coughing a few weeks ago. It went on for days. Do you think they would have let it go if she’d told them she was fighting off pneumonia? “Oh, it’s just a case of curable pneumonia? No problem!” That’s pure insanity. These are the same people that mainstreamed the conspiracy nonsense about Hillary’s declining health in the first place.

Every time the press gets information about Hillary Clinton, they immediately make a scandal out of it no matter what that information is. Why in god’s name would she ever EVER volunteer more of it?

The “liberal” media has made it abundantly clear that they’re more interested in claiming Hillary’s scalp then they are in reporting reality. They’ve become so reckless in their pursuit of destroying the Clinton legacy that they would happily allow a white nationalist to become president if it means they get to burn the witch at the stake.

I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it: What we are witnessing is the greatest failure of America’s press to behave in a responsible manner since they allowed the Bush Administration to lie us into a war in Iraq. Hillary is right not to trust the media to treat her as anything other than a mortal enemy.

So to the people screeching that Hillary’s health is the public’s business and to the media that is so terribly, terribly concerned about her, let me know when you put even a fraction of that concern into Trump’s health.

Sure, we should know about anything that would impact her ability to be president, but pneumonia ain’t that. Hillary caught an easily curable bug and has the best medical care available. If she hadn’t dehydrated, we would have never have known because it wasn’t any more important than a sprained ankle or tennis elbow.

While she was sick, she attended fundraisers, ran all over the country, gave a press conference, etc. and did like a boss. Why, exactly, are we supposed to be concerned now other than she’s a “fragile” woman? Get over it and move on.

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