Hillary Supporter George Clooney Says Bernie Is ‘Absolutely Right’ About Money In Politics (VIDEO)

Political donors who wanted to sit down and schmooze with Hillary Clinton and George Clooney at an April 15 fundraiser in San Francisco had to shell out a lot of money to do so. Two seats at the head table for that event cost a cool $353,400. If you couldn’t afford that one, maybe joining the Clooneys at their Los Angeles home for an April 16 dinner would have been more your style. That one only cost $33,400 per person.  Now that it’s all over, Clooney says that having to raise that kind of money for a political campaign is “obscene.”

Clooney appeared on Meet the Press on April 17, where he told host Chuck Todd that a ridiculous amount of money goes into American politics. When Todd asks him if he thought the cost to attend the San Francisco dinner was outrageous, Clooney doesn’t bat an eye: “Yes, I think it’s an obscene amount of money.”

But Clooney doesn’t stop there. He continues, mentioning that there were protesters outside when he arrived at the dinner.

They’re right to protest. They’re absolutely right. It is an obscene amount of money. The Sanders campaign, when they talk about it, is absolutely right.

Clooney looks and sounds frustrated as he talks about money and politics. But if everybody agrees that “obscene” amounts of money are destroying American politics, how come nobody with the power to change things — aside from Bernie Sanders — seems interested in doing anything more than talking about it?

Here’s what Clooney has to say, via NBC News:

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