Hillary Suggests She Now Favors Universal Health Care During Iowa Victory Speech (VIDEO)

 Lots of crazy things happened in the Iowa Caucus. Ted Cruz beat Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton had a virtual tie, and Jeb Bush barely earned enough votes to get a participation trophy. In fact, things are looking so dire for “Jeb!” that he’s considering purchasing a blonde wig.

But amid all of this lunacy there was an ever bigger shock: Hillary Clinton is now a big fan of universal healthcare?

During her Iowa victory speech, Clinton seemed to warm up to the idea of getting America to universal healthcare.

“I know that we can finish the job of universal healthcare coverage for every single man, woman and child,” said Clinton to applause. 

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Perhaps it was being caught up in the moment or a Freudian slip, or maybe it was a deliberate move to get new votes. Moreover, maybe Hillary saw the fact Bernie Sanders was able to convert all of his massive support into actual votes, which then scared her like a store sold out of pantsuits. Nevertheless, Bernie supporters were none too happy with her seemingly aboutface endorsement of universal healthcare–a touchstone of Bernie’s campaign and something that she lambasted but two days ago.

It should also be noted that Hillary Clinton has benefited tremendously from the pharmaceutical industry. Whether it was deliberate or not is purely speculation, but it does seem worthy of consideration.

Watch Hillary Suddenly Favor Universal Healthcare During Speech Last Night:

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