Hillary Launches Tweet Storm And Annihilates Donald Trump (TWEETS)

It isn’t often you get to see the complete and utter destruction of a candidate in a simple 20 questions. Hillary Clinton, even while recuperating from Pneumonia, managed to do just that with nothing but her Twitter account and series of factual questions aimed at the blustery real-estate “mogul.”

Basically, Clinton just laid bare the fact that Donald Trump’s business dealings have left him in such a shady position that no reasonable person could trust him. When you are willing to do business with Moammar Qadaffi, the Russia oligarchs, ISIL/DAESH sympathizers, mob bosses — and SO many more — how can you expect that anyone could trust you as Commander in Chief?

While Trump spent his time chatting a celebrity doctor about the medical examination given to him by his own pet doctor, Hillary literally shredded him.

Any credibility this man held for any rational person has been destroyed, utterly, by this series of Tweets. Trump has been a mercurial, unreliable, flip-flopping disaster of a candidate. Yet he continues to dominate a section of the United States’ voters: the angry, mostly white, mostly uneducated, mostly racist segment plus those who are down with supporting someone like that due to either party loyalty or Hillary hate.

The facts are in, the truth is clear, and the taxes are hidden. What more do we need to know to understand that allowing Donald Trump anywhere near the White House is a literal vote for the destruction of the United States? The fact is, though, that his voters won’t be dissuaded. They simply don’t care that he is inextricable from his business dealings.

It is up to those of us that can see the danger he represents to keep him out of the White House, we must literally vote like our lives depend on it. In many cases, they do.

Featured image via Know Your Meme

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