Hillary Just Took Humiliating Trump To A Whole New Level Of Excellence (TWEETS)

When Donald Trump came back from Mexico with his tail between his legs, you just knew Hillary was going to taunt him. I mean, come on…it’s almost too easy. The Clinton campaign couldn’t have asked for a better sequence of events.

Trump, thinking he has great negotiating skills, went to visit Mexican President Nieto, was told point-blank that Mexico won’t be paying for his stupid wall, lied and said he never talked about his stupid wall and then came home and threw a hissy fit of an immigration speech while Fox News and his campaign tweeted out all of his rage.

In a matter of hours, Trump went from a guy looking to soften his stance on immigration after getting a commitment from President Nieto to pay for a wall that will never happen, to the guy we all know and despise from the GOP primaries whose number one goal is to rid our country of those darned Mexicans. He yanked out speech B, the one with zero tolerance that kept angry white bigots so full of rage for over a year and sidelined his softened stance, drawing not just criticism but outright taunting from Hillary Clinton.

Clinton tossed a few simple facts that made perfect insults his way from the perspective of a seasoned veteran who has dealt with world leaders for decades:






You can just picture him, all white-knuckled; veins popping out of his forehead; hair plugs jumping out of their follicle holes. This is the type of thing that sends imbeciles like Trump off the rails, which is exactly what happened.

Poor Donald. He may be too upset to join his fellow Oompa Loompas in mourning Gene Wilder’s death. Rumor has it he was the one with the tiny hands who didn’t need any makeup.

Featured image by Getty Images/Pool

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