Hillary Just PERFECTLY Described Trump’s Campaign With One Brilliant Tweet

Donald J. Trump, man of the people? Well maybe if you’re middle-aged, straight, “Christian” and white. If you fall outside of those categories, The Donald doesn’t have much to offer you. And Hillary Clinton just called him on it.

On June 22, Trump took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to announce the availability of a new campaign t-shirt:

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The cash-strapped campaign is selling the shirts for $35 each in an effort to bring some fresh money into the coffers. The idea behind the shirt appears to be a counter to Clinton’s “I’m With Her” slogan, but it’s hard to believe that the shirts, which feature a horrible “deer in the headlights” picture of the presumptive GOP nominee on a background that resembles a postage stamp, will raise much money. At this point Trump may be getting desperate.

Trump’s tweet has been shared almost 5,700 times, and “liked” over 13,000. However, the replies come largely not from fans but from critics, like this one:

Shortly after Trump tweeted the availability of the new shirts, one of the critics who weighed in was the soon-to-be Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. On her own Twitter feed she nailed Trump’s “I’m with you” slogan with this perfect response:

The good news is that voters in the groups Clinton mentioned know that Trump isn’t with them. Gallup reported in April that seven in ten women have an unfavorable opinion of the candidate. A more recent Washington Post poll found his numbers to be even worse than that among Hispanics, where 89 percent of those surveyed have negative feelings about him.

But what could wind up spelling doom for the candidate is the fact that even uneducated whites, who Trump famously proclaimed that he loved a few months back, appear to be deserting his sinking ship. The WaPo poll found that among whites without a college education, Trump’s numbers have gone from a +14 favorable in May to -7 unfavorable just a month later. At the rate he’s going, by election day Trump may not have a majority of any demographic group on his side, even the ones he supposedly is “with.”

Featured image via Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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