Hillary Just Hammered Trump In Front of 100 Million People With One Brutal Zinger (VIDEO)

The first debate arrived and that can only mean one thing: The sane half of America was sitting in horror as they watched an unhinged, orange lunatic play to a crowd of miserably uninformed lemmings. The other half want to vote for him.

Trump started the debate in predictable fashion: bombastic, hostile, and totally without a modicum of integrity. And what was up with the constant sniffling? Perhaps he’s literally allergic to the truth.

In any case, Trump continued his trend of inventing sh*t on the fly in almost combative fashion, so as to distract from the fact that he has absolutely no desire to do the serious work of being president. As expected, the first presidential debate devolved into a schoolyard argument as the hopelessly insecure bully Donald Trump repeatedly cut off Hillary Clinton. When it became clear that Trump was going to use this event to spread lie after lie, Clinton dropped the bomb.

Trump said Clinton was going to approve “one of the biggest tax increases in history,” and Clinton shot back by saying “Well, Donald I know you live in your own reality.”

Trump might be right about his claims of creating jobs, only all of them will be fact-checkers

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