Hillary Couldn’t Resist Mocking Trump When Asked About His Love Affair With Putin (VIDEO)

Try as she might, Hillary Clinton simply found it impossible not to throw a few exasperated jabs at Donald Trump when a reporter asked her about his ongoing bromance with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Clinton was walking away from the podium following a press conference on Friday afternoon when a reporter shouted out a question about Trump’s interview with the Russian-backed television network, RT. You can see her try to stop herself, but she just couldn’t resist mocking the GOP nominee and his love for Putin.

Laughing, Clinton walked back to the lectern, where she proceeded to call out Trump’s campaign nothing more than a “reality tv show” rather than a “serious presidential campaign.”

“Every day that goes by, this just becomes more and more of a reality television show,” Clinton said.

“It’s not a serious presidential campaign,” she continued. “It’s beyond one’s imagination to have a candidate for president praising a Russian autocrat like Vladimir Putin.”

Clinton added that although Trump’s recent remarks about Putin during the Command-in-Chief Forum were a long way from surprising, they were still highly “disappointing” coming from someone who wants to be President of the United States.

“No one should be making the kind of recklessness and dangerous statements and identifying with a regime that has some aggressive tendencies.”

Trump’s interview with Larry King on Russia Today came just days after he talked up Putin during the forum, praising him as a better leader than President Obama. The RT interview was widely condemned, but of course, Trump claims it was all an accident. Whoops.

Watch Hillary give in to temptation, here:

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