Hillary Clinton’s Hilarious Retweets Show How Seriously She Takes The Clown Car–Not! (TWEETS)

Hillary Clinton preempted the GOP clown car’s debate tonight by retweeting just how seriously she takes the idiots who will no doubt be spending the evening trashing her. Not at all.

Let’s face it. The Republicans will be spreading more of their doom and gloom “the sky is falling” garbage, pretending that 2008 is the glorious benchmark of success we need to “return to.” They are delusional and don’t deserve to be taken seriously, which is why she must have felt it necessary to retweet this:


And this:

And before it all started she reminded us of this:

While the debate may be fun to watch, because making fun of buffoons is exciting stuff, watching the adults point their fingers and laugh is a whole lot more rewarding.

Featured image via Twitter

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