‘Hillary Clinton’s Crab Lice’ Is Officially The Most Misogynist Page On Facebook (IMAGES)

The extremists of the Republican base love to display just why they’re considered sexist, racist, religious zealots. They can’t help but feed into the hate and lies they’ve been spoon fed about President Obama over the years, and now, with a looming Clinton Presidency upon them, their racism has turned in to full-blown misogyny.

The best example is a hatefest called “Hillary Clinton’s Crab Lice,” a Facebook page dedicated to smearing the likely Democratic nominee for the highest office in the land. After numerous failed investigations into Benghazi, complete with two reports from Republican-led congressional committees exonerating Hillary from wrong-doing, these fools still have the staple of right-wing nutjob ignorance “We will never forget” banner as their cover photo:

The page covers all of Hillary Clinton’s “indiscretions,” including Benghazi, emails, Whitewater, emails, Benghazi, emails, Whitewater, Benghazi and emails.

Lately they’ve really amped up their attacks on Clinton for the one true reason they hate and disrespect her: Gender. Hillary Clinton is, after all, female. What better reason to attack a person if you’re neo-conservative ignorance fails elsewhere?

Don’t get me wrong, conservatives love women. They love to talk down to them, regulate their health care choices, pay them less money and justify raping them. Without women, the GOP would have fewer people to feel superior to.

This particular page personifies that warped ideal perfectly by posting memes like these:


Vagina, bitch, and old are just a few of the “issues” today’s conservatives don’t like about Hillary Clinton. They also think she’s ugly and “bossy,” clearly focusing on every quality they feel is important about a woman.

If only she were as pretty as Megan Kelly, as dumb as Elizabeth Hasselbeck, and as young as Stacey Dash when she played a pretty, dumb, young girl in “Clueless,” Mrs. Clinton might just have a chance at winning the hearts of idiots all across rural America.

Fans of the page waste no time displaying their own feelings about not only Hillary Clinton but women in general. If you’re a feminist, you’re “ugly” and “loud.” If you’re a lesbian, you’re not even considered a human being.

Some example of posts by the imbeciles who frequent such filth:


These people truly just don’t understand what fools they’re making of themselves.

If you enjoy schooling idiots on the realities of our society and the struggles women face, you can go to literally any post on the page, read the comments and find some vapid vitriol to respond to. It’s like shooting sexist fish in a barrel.

All pictures are public posts on “Hillary Clinton’s Crab Lice” | Image: Facebook

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