Hillary Clinton: Thanks To Trump ‘I’ve Had A Lot Of Outreach’ From Republicans Jumping Ship (VIDEO)

Last Tuesday billionaire buffoon Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party when Texas senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign. Ever since, right-wingers have been jumping from the sinking GOP ship and they are reaching out for the hand of Hillary Clinton to keep from drowning.

Clinton appeared on Face the Nation this Sunday morning, and she revealed that for some reason “a lot” of Republicans have suddenly been reaching out to her and indicating that they would like to support her campaign. Gee, I can’t imagine why.

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CBS host John Dickerson asked Clinton what her sales pitch is to conservatives who are trying to decide where to go from here now that Donald Trump is actually the new face of the Republican Party, a scenario many thought they would never actually see come to fruition. Many life-long Republicans and #NeverTrump-ers have said that with Trump as the nominee, they may now decide to throw their support behind Clinton. Dickerson wondered what she had to say to those who are “skeptical.”

Clinton explained that she is the candidate with substance and that she has a proven “track record of getting results.”

I am asking people,” she said, “to join this campaign and I’ve had a lot of outreach from Republicans in the last days who say they are interested in talking about that.

It is not at all surprising that an unprecedented number of conservatives are willing to back Clinton now that Trump has all but secured the Republican nomination. Many have said they would all along, others just never thought it would come to this, but they all know that jumping on the Trump Train is nothing more than a one-way ticket to disaster.

Watch Hillary’s remarks on the GOPers that are flocking to her campaign:

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