Hillary Clinton Speaks ‘Directly To White People’ After Tulsa Shooting: ‘This Is Not Who We Are’

In the wake of yet another police shooting that took the life of yet another unarmed black man, Hillary Clinton said that these killings are “unbearable” and should be “intolerable.”

During a Tuesday morning appearance on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, the Democratic nominee said she wanted to talk “directly to white people” and make it clear to them that “this is not who we are.”

“How many times do we have to see this in our country?” Clinton said. “In Tulsa, an unarmed man with his hands in the air. This is just unbearable. And it needs to be intolerable.”

“Maybe I can, by speaking directly to white people, say, look, this is not who we are,” she continued. “We have got to do everything possible to improve policing, to go right at implicit bias.”

Helicopter and dash cam video were released by Tulsa police on Monday which showed Terence Crutcher with his hands raised in the air, a direct contradiction to the official story that he was refusing to obey commands and posed a threat to the officers. Police had been on their way to another call when they noticed Crutcher’s SUV in the middle of the road where it had stalled out. In the video, it appears that he was asking for help, but instead, he ended up dead.

Officers in the helicopter can be heard saying that Crutcher “looks like one bad dude,” which is the same implicit bias that led to this innocent man bleeding to death on the roadside. In reality, he was a loving father of four who was on his way home from a music appreciation class at a local college. His only Crime? Having a car trouble.

Tuesday afternoon, still another African-American man was shot and killed by police in Charlotte, NC, resulting in protesters flooding the streets on Tuesday night.

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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