Hillary Clinton Pummels Republican ‘Amnesia’, Answers Tough Questions From Colbert (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton became the 5th presidential candidate to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Colbert, having this thing down to a science, knew exactly what the American people wanted to know about Hillary Clinton, and he didn’t waste any syllables on softball questions.

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If you listen to the media to this point, they portray a Clinton campaign in disarray with dwindling numbers and a convoluted message. If you actually listen to Hillary Clinton, you’ll find a clear and competent candidate who answers questions without skipping a beat, one who has comprehensive plans worked out for most if not all of her political platforms.

She looked as comfortable as ever as she berated Republicans for their “amnesia,” talked about Democratic Socialism and declared, to massive applause, that Wall Street will be held accountable, and if big banks are destined to fail, then they will have to be allowed to fail.

Mrs. Clinton’s interview was a refreshing  reminder that no matter who you’re voting for on the Democratic ticket, your choices are solid.

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Watch Hillary Clinton berate Republicans and answer the tough questions on Colbert below:

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