Hillary Clinton Laughs Off ‘Wacky’ Health Rumors, Discusses Preparing For Debates (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton, out on a fundraising tour in Southern California, decided to stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night, which marks her first visit back to the show since before the Democratic National Convention. A lot has happened since then, so understandably the two had a lot of Donald Trump is a jackass things to discuss.

After Clinton was introduced, the audience went wild with applause and Jimmy asked jokingly, “Who would have guessed this audience would be so enthusiastic about the co-founder of ISIS?” Hillary laughed, but then remarked that comments like that by Trump are “very harmful.”

“When Trump talks the way he talks, it actually helps the terrorists. Because they make a case that Hillary Clinton and Obama created ISIS,” saying “we heard it from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.”

Kimmel also had to ask how one would prepare for a debate with someone like Donald Trump which is something I myself have wondered…

“I’m here to ask for your help! Clinton told Kimmel. “You have to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you. I am drawing on my experience in elementary school — the guy who pulled your ponytail.”

Jimmy then addressed the rumors of Hillary’s health concerns most recently brought up by Rudy Giuliani.

Watch Hillary laugh off “wacky” health rumors here:

Watch the conclusion of Jimmy Kimmel’s interview with Hillary Clinton here:

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