Hillary Clinton Is Killing Republican Candidates In Latest Poll

Supporting Hillary Clinton is like eating fast-food; it’s never your first choice, but sometimes it’s all that’s available and the alternative is to starve. Her Wall Street, DLC-friendly policies, and coziness with neocons rightfully worry many progressives. And, as much as progressives yearn to hear Liz Warren utter those three magic words, “I am running,” the fact remains that she’s steadfastly refused and prefers crafting legislation in the Senate that blunts the power of Wall Street.

But does anyone really want another Bush in the oval office? I mean, why has there not yet been a constitutional amendment barring such a thing?

A recently released CNN/ORC poll actually found Hillary Clinton dominating the insane clown posse in the Republican field. In fact, Clinton leads each hypothetical GOP candidate by a margin of at least 14 percentage points. The telephone poll was conducted between April 16-19, 2015 and included responses from a representative sample of 1,018 adult Americans. The results may not have been so much an endorsement of Hillary, but rather a complete and utter shuttering of some of the lunatics she might be facing

Oddly enough, the poll found that Marco Rubio ranked as the closest against Hillary, trailing Clinton by 14 points, 55 percent to 41 percent. The polls also found that Bush trails Clinton by 17 points, 56 percent to 39 percent, with Christie and Paul falling 19 points behind Clinton.

With the general election more than a year away, obviously a great deal can happen. But, as of now it’s painfully clear that the GOP might want to change its logo to a wolverine, with the electorate increasingly afraid of its rabid actions and unpredictable behavior.

Then again, perhaps it should be a bald eagle given how extinct the party is becoming in presidential elections.


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