Hillary Clinton Is About To Punk Trump In The Most BRUTAL Way

Even though Hillary Clinton is currently crushing Trump in the polls, the Democratic candidate is not content with just winning; she’s looking to utterly destroy her opponent. To this end, Hillary is reminding the country and its “liberal” media that Trump still hasn’t released a single tax return because he’s hiding something catastrophically damaging.

CNBC reports:

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Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will this week release her 2015 taxes, in a move to put pressure on rival Republican candidate Donald Trump to release his own taxes, sources told CNBC.

Clinton’s effective tax rate reportedly is around 35 percent, while her charitable donations make up 10 percent.

Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine is also expected to release 10 years of tax returns.

It’s going to be interesting to see if Trump’s running mate Mike Pence will also refuse to release his tax returns. My guess would be no so as not to embarrass Trump.

The fact that Trump refuses to release his tax returns would be the end of the road for any other campaign and it’s amazing that the “liberal” media hasn’t torn him to shreds on a daily basis for it. Of course, Trump’s nonstop verbal assaults on human decency tends to overshadow pretty much everything but still, it’d be nice to know just how indebted he is to the Russian oligarchs. Is he really a billionaire? Do his business ventures actually make a profit? Is he actually a good businessman? Considering this is literally the basis of his entire campaign, “I’m a great businessman so vote for me!”, it’s very telling he’s too cowardly to prove it.

The bottom line is that this will go a long way to cripple Trump’s “crooked” Hillary narrative with the general public. After all, if she’s not afraid to release all of her tax returns, how crooked can she be? And if Trump continues to refuse to release his, how can people trust him? He talks a big game about being honest, so what’s he hiding?

Hillary should make her tax returns and transparency a regular talking point and watch Trump flail about for a response.

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