Hillary Clinton Finishes Third In Poll Of Progressive Presidential Candidates (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton may face some interesting obstacles if she pursues a 2016 run. According to a poll by Democracy For America, a progressive grassroots organization, Clinton was less preferred than Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) among progressives. Although Hillary Clinton polls better among Americans in general, the DFA poll reflects that many progressive activists feel she still has to prove herself.

So who placed first? Elizabeth Warren, of course, despite her continued insistence she isn’t going to run. Here’s more from the Chicago Sun-Times:

From DFA: Senator Elizabeth Warren has placed first in Democracy for America’s first 2016 Presidential Pulse Poll of its members nationwide with over 42% of respondents encouraging her to run for President. Even more importantly, by placing presumptive 2016 front runner Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a close third (23%) to Senator Bernie Sanders (24%), Democracy for America members have confirmed that the race for the Democratic nomination is far from locked among the progressive activists who form the grassroots base of the party.

Why is DFA pushing for a Democratic primary? In an e-mail, DFA executive director Charles Chamberlain said, “Of course, if you listen to the media, you would think there is no reason for a Democratic presidential primary to take place. DFA members know primaries matter. We know that the Democratic Party is stronger when it’s a contest of ideas, not a coronation.”

To the DFA, Chamberlain goes on to say, the candidate that can expect their support is the one most willing to fight income inequality. And as CNN reports, DFA’s support comes with the support of hundreds of thousands of activists.

Democracy for America — founded by former Vermont governor and former presidential candidate Howard Dean — now boasts one million members, with nearly 165 thousand total votes cast in this poll. Since the group’s founding in 2004, members have raised more than $32.7 million to support progressive candidates.

No matter how badly grassroots progressives want Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016, though, it seems doubtful she will:

With the nation in general, Clinton is far ahead of Warren in terms of both recognition and popularity. In a July poll by Gallup, Clinton was the best known and best liked of 16 possible candidates, although Sanders was not one of those listed.

gallup poll

h/t Gallup

In any case, one thing is clear: 2016 will be exciting and unpredictable, with quite a bit at stake for every side in the elections.

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