Hillary Clinton Blasts Trump In Front Of His Own Building: He Peddles ‘The Same Scam Over And Over’

Hillary Clinton just called Donald Trump out for what he really is: A con-man. Speaking in front of the derelict remains of Trump Plaza in New Jersey, Clinton blasted Trump for his bad business judgement. She slammed him for his multiple bankruptcies and said he peddles “the same scam over and over.”

The message held special meaning for voters in Atlantic City, where more than one of Trump’s business ventures has gone up in flames. The presumptive Democratic nominee said that not only had the billionaire failed to pay contractors, but he also ran up debt intentionally and then filed bankruptcy. As a result of these shady business practices, he walked away with millions while his businesses folded and people lost their jobs.

Quoting a Newark Star-Ledger editorial published earlier this week, Clinton said that Trump “excels at ripping people off,” and that his casinos in Atlantic City had failed “as a result of his narcissistic destructive risk-taking with other people’s money.” After listing just a few of Trump’s shitty business ventures, Clinton said once again that if he is elected president he would “bankrupt America the way he bankrupted his businesses.”

Naturally, Trump’s campaign was quick to issue a response Clinton’s attacks. He argued that his habit of filing bankruptcy was “an effective and commonly used practice in business” in order “to restructure a business and ultimately save jobs.”

“Nobody understands the economy like I do and no one, especially not Crooked Hillary Clinton, will do more for the economy than I will,” said Trump.

Apparently, no one has ever bothered to tell The Donald that actions speak louder than words.

Watch Hillary Clinton blast Trump for his business failings in front of his own building:

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Featured image via Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images

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