Hillary Ad Turns Trump’s Temperament Into A Punch Line (VIDEO)

Pro-Clinton PAC Priorities USA nails Trump in their recently released campaign ad after he made a pretty ridiculous claim during the first presidential debate. We’ve all seen this buffoon behaving badly, but apparently this behavior is normal for him since he feels he’s pretty even tempered. Yikes!

“I think my strongest asset — maybe by far, is my temperament.”

Give me a break! This clown gets a major hard-on for inciting violence and you can tell by watching footage of any one of his rallies – which could easily be confused with a Klan meeting. He’s even urged his supporters to physically assault protesters and even assassinate his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Trump doesn’t have much going for him, hell, I don’t think he has anything going for him, but I tell you one thing – his temperament is definitely not his strongest asset.

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It’s his greatest weakness.

Check out the clip below:

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