Hillary 2016 Already Makes History By Hiring Openly Gay Campaign Manager

Hillary Clinton is a staunch advocate for equal rights. The announcement that her campaign will be headed by Robby Mook, an openly gay man, comes as no surprise,but will nonetheless make history.

Mook is best known for successfully running Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 campaign. His no-drama approach to campaigning will be a welcome atmosphere for Clinton, whose 2008 campaign suffered drastically from in-fighting.

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Clinton’s campaign is already off to a brilliant start. Her announcement video offered a minute and a half of typical working-class Americans and the issues they face before she makes an appearance. In the powerful and moving clip, Hillary looked invigorated and energized, sporting the classic hairdo she donned for 8 years as First Lady.

While the task of revamping former Secretary and Senator Clinton may prove to be a daunting one, there are few people so up to the task as Robby Mook. Clinton will turn 68 years old just before the Iowa caucuses, and keeping her youthful and relevant has to be a number one priority for her campaign staff.

It’s been more than twenty years since her husband Bill sealed the deal of his own primary run with an appearance with his saxophone on Arsenio Hall, sending young people to the booths in droves. While Hillary is most certainly a front-runner with women and young people, she still has quite a way to go to win over retirees, who make up a major percentage of the voting population.

That will mean combating the propaganda of spin machine Fox News and their aging viewers, which mat prove difficult, as truth and hope are hard to sell to so over-exposed to desperation and fear.

With Robby Mook by her side, a country that is ready for a strong woman to be President and the Democrat’s impressive voting statistics in Presidential elections, a win for Mrs. Clinton is definitely not out of reach.

Hopefully they don’t spend too much time rebutting the nonsense of Benghazi freaks and Email conspiracy theories.  Old and tiring aren’t relevant anymore, and really, what difference does it make?

H/T: BNR | Image: Charles Topher

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