Hilarious Video Mocks Right-Winger Who Thinks Obama Is Gay

Once again, the right-wing hatriots really bring home exactly WHY we don’t trust them to make decisions for us, ever. David Packman’s segment exploring the Hatriot Mail received by his show shows nothing less than 100% racist, homophobic, anti-semitic, uneducated, conspiracy theorist, genderist, American exceptionalist, slippery-sloping fun.

Hatriot Mail is a great segment, you would think that people would stop subjecting themselves to the kind of ridicule that we usually save for Sarah Palin and George Bush — but they don’t. One would also think they would stop using words that they just don’t know the meaning of — but they won’t. The homophobic, racist, and Christian supremacist behavior is just too deeply ingrained in the Potatriat(tm) culture of the new Grand Obstructionist Party’s low information voters.

However, we are no longer shocked that they are apparently only concerned about what is going on inside of the nation’s collective pants, and especially what is going on in the White House’s crotchal areas.

Watch David Packman’s hilariously moronic “Hatriot Mail” here:

Featured image via video screen capture

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