HILARIOUS: This Mad TV Video From 1997 Could Be Today’s Republican Theme Song (VIDEO)

After watching this, I am completely convinced that Mad TV was psychic back in the day. They made this parody video in 1997, yet it is the absolute PERFECT way to describe the modern Republican party.

Watch the brilliant piece of comedy below:

It’s absolutely eerie, right? Almost 20 years ago, a comedy skit that was heavily exaggerated for parody and humor literally equals exactly what modern day Republicans openly say without any shame at all. I can imagine showing this to a conservative Republican back then. They would have insisted that this is not what true Republicans are like. Fast forward 20 years and now they will say “Hell yeah! And I’m damned proud of it too!” Add in a little victim blaming and griping about how our “politically correct” culture is turning people gay and letting the terrorists win and BAM! Modern Republicans to a T.

featured image via video screen capture

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