Hilarious New Music Video To Mock Donald Trump’s Racism And Sexism (VIDEO)

You might know comedian, cartoonist and satirist Matt Filipowicz from Laughing Liberally in Boston, but did you know he had mad rapping skills? He had some fun with the old House of Pain song “Jump Around” when he rewrote lyrics to sing about Donald Trump while dressed in an orangutan colored wig with lips arrogantly pursed together. The song might be a bit of fun but it perfectly outlines the values the tea party loves about Trump.

“I write big checks, yo; Cater to rednecks, yo,” he sings flashing a photo of one of the Duck Dynasty stars.

Mexicans, Latinos, I wanna see them all go; Deport them all with the help of that Arpaio cop; with a wall that don’t stop; like the million dollar loan I got from my pop. The racists get down, the sexists get down; They get out their seats and Trump around.

Everyone heard about the typical endorsement from the racist and sexist Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but not many people know about Trump’s loans from his father. He admits to a million dollars to start, but the truth is Trump got a hell of a lot more after that and certainly when his father passed away. The thing people don’t talk about, but should, is that Trump’s father made most of his millions off of government contracts. The same government that Trump basically wants to unmake and accuse of being useless. Classic.

On the day of the Iowa Caucus, Gallup released new numbers that show Trump favorability at 33 percent and unfavorability at 60 percent nationally. This is the byproduct of a candidate who only brings people together around mutual hate.

Filipowicz has a knack for making an audience laugh but also making them think.

For me, the most important part in making the video, in addition to being funny, was making sure it didn’t come across as letting Trump and his supporters off for their awful and racist beliefs. People who treat Trump as merely a “joke” ignore how dangerous the hateful crap he’s saying actually is.

Check out the hilarity below and beware because it will get stuck in your head:


Feature image from video capture.

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