Hilarious: Leaked Voicemails* From Lindsey Graham’s Trump-Outed Number (AUDIO)

Donald Trump’s buffoonery may have gone too far, he may be making a fool of himself and his entire party, but one thing is for sure: His act is comedy gold. Since his arrival on the scene was applauded by Jon Stewart for the circus it was sure to be, Trump hasn’t disappointed.

His latest act of stupid, giving out Senator Lindsey Graham’s cell phone number on national TV, was a low-blow even for Trump, but still yielded awesome results for people following the clown car for the epic show. Graham fired back with a silly video of him destroying flip-phones, which didn’t make much sense since you can just change your number.

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The best thing to come out of the exchange so far is this A/V clip from Funny or Die, “Lindsey Graham’s Leaked Voicemails.”

*Yes, its parody, or satire if you prefer, but it is extremely well done and definitely worth two and a half minutes of your day. Make sure to go to Funny or Die after the video to vote it up or down.

Listen to Lindsey Graham’s leaked voicemails from his Trumped-out number.

Featured image: Screen capture

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