Hilarious Hashtag #WhenTrumpIsElected Wins The Twitterverse For Funny This Week (TWEETS)

Late night talk show hosts, stand up comedians and anyone with a sense of humor and a Twitter account have been having a jolly good time with the farce that is the Donald Trump Campaign for the Presidency. There have been few times in our nation’s rich electoral history that so much fun could be had at the expense of one complete buffoon. Possibly Sarah Palin, maybe Dan Quayle and certainly Paul Ryan would qualify as some of the dumbest people ever to run on the ticket for the highest office, though they were all VP nominees, picked to add some “pretty,” “youth,” or “moderate” elements to the people actually running for the Oval Office.

Trump is unique in that not only is he making a complete ass of himself daily, he’s also the early front-runner in the polls, jumping out to a quick lead with the ignorant base of racists and reality TV watchers. Nobody else is taking him seriously and it won’t be long before he’s shooed into oblivion within the GOP, hopefully sparking his ego into a divisive third-party run.

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The Twitterverse is having tons of fun with the Donald. His hair is making the rounds, the guinea pig that looks just like him is famous and that stupid look he gets on his face that he thinks causes fear gets funnier and funnier by the day. People are beginning to understand that there’s nothing scary about this man other than he has enough money to create a following of very stupid people for a short while.

Making fun of him sure is a boatload of fun:


And one for good measure:

There are far too many to post them all. When something is that much fun, it’s impossible to stop. To date there are more than 54,000 tweets with the hashtag #WhenTrumpIsElected, and if the trend is any indication, that’s just the beginning.

Sometimes you just have to love Twitter.

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