Hilarious Footage Of Trump Freaking Out When He Couldn’t Figure Out How To Vote Is Going Viral

The more we see of the man who would be king, the more unbelievable it is that people think this is actually a good idea.

Billy Bush of Access Hollywood celebrated Election Day in 2012 by running a little segment he recorded with Donald Trump as he went to go vote waaaaay back in 2004. You see, Trump went to the wrong polling place and immediately threw a hissy fit when he wasn’t allowed to vote there. After being told where he needed to go to the correct location, his parting shot was, “I like that location better. It’s a richer location.” Later, he cursed out the poor volunteers at the wrong polling station. Because even 12 years ago, Donald Trump couldn’t hide his contempt for people he considered his inferiors.


To be fair, after being turned away from two more locations, pretty much anyone would be pissed off, but Trump’s bluster and bullying makes him a stand out from the rest of the crowd.

While it was all in good fun 4 years ago, the video has become far more relevant now that Trump is in the process of destroying American politics with his massive ego and unquenchable need for attention.

Before, it was just a rich guy acting like a spoiled brat. No big deal. Now, it’s an open window to how temperamentally unfit Trump is to be the president of the local PTA much less the President of the United States. Governing is about compromising and putting up with setbacks with grace and dignity. Trump can’t even be turned away from a polling place with stamping his feet and denigrating the poll workers. As he sits in his limousine, he fumes about how he didn’t get his way and whines about an acquaintance that “didn’t do right by me” as if just being Donald Trump means the world revolves around him.

The problem is, in Trump’s mind, the world does revolve around him and that lack of humility and perspective is a dangerous thing when you’re supposed to represent the most powerful nation on earth.

Watch the video here and see what kind of petty little child wants to be our president.

Featured image via screencap.

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