Hilarious Colbert Sketch: “Who Said it, Colbert or Trump?” (VIDEO)

Colbert has played a satirist’s wet dream of an over-the-top Right Wing Nut Job for years. During that time, he said many inane and offensive things, sometimes even downright idiotic or faux-abusive phrases dropped from his lips in an effort to hold up a mirror to the Republican party and entertain the world. It turns out that he was not only spot-on in his portrayal of the archetypal GOP politician, he was nearly prophetic as well. This sketch asks Donald Trump, GOP RWT (Rich White Trash) sweetheart, to identify statements made as either belonging to him or the satirical Republican News Anchor that was Colbert’s signature character.

Colbert is truly a genius, and The Donald is clearly every bit as moronic in real life as Colbert could make his character look — with a staff of writers — while still remaining credible and not becoming slapstick. Looking at Trump’s actions and exploits, though, he may be closer to actual slapstick than Colbert ever was.

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Can you guess them correctly? Here is the video courtesy of YouTube:

Feature image via screen capture from YouTube

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