Hilarious! Bible-Thumping Tim Tebow And Satan Himself Have Endorsed Donald Trump (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been endorsed by all manner of bottom feeders, hate mongers, and racists. It is hard to imagine him garnering more shockingly bad endorsements than Sarah Palin and the former Grand Wizard of the KKK.

The kinds of people who endorsed him range from party line followers who just couldn’t bring themselves to stand up for what is right to insane con men, politicians to business people many seem to have one thing in common: if there is a Satan and a Hell, they are probably either not going to be allowed in (fear they will take over) or already have a gold plated invitation.

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So, why would they endorse this man who has shown us that his platform is basically oligarchy mixed with xenophobia and white, Christian(?) supremacy? Let’s look at an excerpt from this full list of endorsers (Click the names for more information):

David DukeDick CheneyJoe ArpaioTom CottonRick SantorumTrey GowdyDarrel IssaPamela Geller, and so many more.

Duke, the former Louisiana State Rep and Former Grand Wizard of the KKK who is now running for Congress because Donald Trump has normalized hate again is a classic example of WHY the people endorsing you matter. So is his Evangelical Advisor, Paula White, who not only brought Trump to Jesus but also sells “Ressurection Seeds” to the faithful while laughing all the way to the bank.

The speakers at the GOP convention this year, where Trump will be ratified as the GOP nominee, make it look more like a media whore circus, there are very few actually truly respected legal or political minds. Some of those speakers are Tim Tebow and Pam Bondi, the Florida AG who seems to have accepted a bribe to drop a case against Trump University, and Sen. Joni Earnst (R-IA) who ran for office on the platform that a woman who has castrated pigs understands government.

Considering the absolutely fiendishly hateful nature of many of the people who have actually gone out of their way to endorse him, like Sarah Palin and Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, it would come as no surprise that the benefactor of malevolence would probably endorse him as well. I am obviously not the only one to think this way either, and some very creative people made a mocking, striking parody video of a Trump Endorsement.

Watch here as the king of the damned, the destroyer of balance and the reaper of souls explains why he wants Trump in office. He gets a little carried away, but its worth the laugh.

Enjoy this well-done parody here:

Featured image via screen capture

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