Hey, Republicans…Remember That Pledge You Made Trump Sign?

In the wake of the big news that Donald Trump was the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, America hung its head in shame and began to contemplate her own identity. Within a few hours, a day at the most, people on the left of the stupidity figured out that this is a Republican problem and started chuckling at the electoral landslide about to kill Trump’s political career faster than he can say “Goldwater.”

By now, the joke is completely on them, with everyone laughing who sat on the sidelines or dug in the trenches as the Tea Party evolved. We sat helpless for a while there while they became a force a force that used fear , money and a whole lot of Jesus to set this country back years by installing zealots in governors mansions, speakers’ seats and senate chambers of state governments across the country. After all that time, money and rhetoric, the base they grew defected to the first loudmouth who offered open racism and hate.

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Now, the foundation of the GOP is showing cracks even below the surface, deep within the ranks. Career politicians find themselves with a precarious choice: To Trump or not to Trump. As a Republican, and with Trump the presumptive nominee, do you not have to support him? I mean…who can forget all that “pledge to support the nominee and not to run third-party,” right? When Trump raised his hand and said he wouldn’t pledge to support the nominee or run a third-party campaign, The GOP was doomed. They set in motion a self-fulfilling prophecy that caused Trump to spend about three weeks making nice with the GOP House of Lords. It was very chummy. Trump was being all humble, vowing to support the party and calling himself a life-long Republican.

Then he signed a red-lettered pledge with a black Sharpie and held it up for the world to see:

Donald Trump’s pledge to be a good Republican – Will they honor their side of the deal? Getty Images  

So now, Republicans, what’s your play? National Committee Chair Reince Priebus has said the party will support the nominee. The base of fools the party has built for the last eight years to combat civility and recovery with stupidity and religion will do what they’re told. That just leaves the Republican establishment. Who will they back? Several have weighed in on the issue, and a couple of the comments are pretty concrete proof that even if a third-party candidate doesn’t emerge, there’s still a few seconds on the clock; enough time for one last play.

The entire Bush dynasty is sitting this one out. They absolutely refuse to allow the man who destroyed Jeb’s “turn” at the presidency to get a single bit of support from their deep pockets and political clout. If a third-party candidate does arise, an endorsement from the king of the morons, George W Bush, would go a long way. Jeb can still be heard weeping at night from the guest room at his parents’ house where Barbara has to rock him to sleep because Trump smacked his career so hard. To stand with the family for a third-party candidate would be noble, even though it makes him a hypocrite for pledging not to.

Mitt Romney was in on the action, declaring Trump will never get his support. Romney was “dismayed” that Trump would get the same honor he was bestowed with once and his remarks made him sound like a whiny little toddler. He also assured us, for the 967th time, that Paul Ryan will be wielding that huge gavel to obstruct as much Democratic business as possible for the next eight years, not playing presidential campaign loser on the speaking circuit. Mittens did say he hoped the party manages to come up with an alternative.

You have former presidents, former candidates and a speaker of the house who say they won’t back Trump. The same people who demanded loyalty when they feared he would run Independent and ruin all of their chances are now playing by a different set of rules.

Featured image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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