Hey Jeb! Letter Shows Your Grandaddy Helped Create Planned Parenthood (IMAGE)

The vagina-shaming, moral crusaders running the Republican war on Big Uterus are back in the news, threatening to shut down the government if they can’t regulate them some lady parts. Ever since those carefully edited Planned Parenthood videos came out regarding the sale of fetal tissue (something that’s actually quite common), each and every one of the 2016 insane clown posse has grossly exaggerated Planned Parenthood’s otherwise basic female health services. Basically, they’re claiming Planned Parenthood sells baby parts like they’re the Buick of abortion. Mike Huckabee actually made that horrific analogy during the first clown car debate.

Jeb Bush, realizing he’s hugely distrusted by die-hard conservatives , is one of the many 2016 GOP clown shoes calling for total defunding of Planned Parenthood. But maybe if Jeb actually asked Mama Bush about his family’s connection to Planned Parenthood, then perhaps the “smart” Bush wouldn’t be so keen on defunding it.

Now, when you think of Planned Parenthood and the historical figures who helped bring it into existence, you probably think of some bra-burning, bespectacled, bleeding-heart feminist. But in actuality, a 2005 SF Gate article revealed that the grandfather and father of the last two Bush presidents, Prescott Bush, was the treasurer of the organization in its early years. Is it possible that Bushes devolved over the years? Everyone knows that Republicans used to be pretty sensible back then compared to today’s screaming codgers, but that still had to have been a major political risk.

Via SF Gate:

The political repercussions hit hard. Prescott Bush was knocked out of an expected victory for a Senate seat in Connecticut in 1950 after syndicated columnist Drew Pearson declared that it ‘has been made known’ that Bush was a leader in the ‘Birth Control Society’ (The old name of Planned Parenthood had been the Birth Control Federation of America.) Recall that contraceptives were controversial in those days — and remember that a constitutional right to use them wasn’t established until 1965, when the Supreme Court affirmed an implied right to privacy in Griswold vs. Connecticut.

Prescott Bush won a Senate seat two years later, and his son George and daughter-in-law Barbara continued to support Planned Parenthood even after George’s election to Congress from Texas. In fact, he was such an advocate for family planning that some House colleagues gave him the nickname ‘Rubbers.’

Jeb Bush planned parenthood

Letter from George H.W. Bush to the President of Planned Parenthood (1972) via SFgate.com

Of course the election of Ronald Reagan is precisely when the Republican party started to become an angry Jesus in a Brooks Brothers suit. Moreover, George Bush Sr. was forced to embrace a constitutional amendment against abortion. It’s fascinating to discover that there actually was a time when a Bush wasn’t a right-wing ideologue.


Featured image via The Boston Globe

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