#HeterosexualPrideDay Is Apparently A Thing And People Are Really Pissed About It

Heterosexual Pride Day was trending on Twitter Wednesday morning and the gay community is rightfully pissed off about it.

As Pride Month comes to a close, a group of straight people are apparently super offended about the amount of attention that the LGBTQ community it receiving and decided they need a day all to themselves. Mind you, the attention that has been focused on the community is in large part because 49 people were murdered and 53 injured in the worst hate crime (and mass shooting) our country has ever seen at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12, but this has escaped the outraged straight people. Nope, these heterosexuals need a day and dammit! they are going to take it….during National Pride Month.

When #HeterosexualPrideDay began trending on Twitter, the LGBTQ community and its allies responded and it was pretty fantastic:

Here’s the thing, Pride Month like Black History Month, were born out of oppression. Straight people and white people do not need special months because every month celebrates us. I do not fear for my life because I am a heterosexual. I do not worry about being beaten when I kiss my husband in public. I do not worry that a religious fanatic is going to walk into a club and shoot my friends and I because we are straight. I have no idea what it is like to be called a child molester because I like men. I live a life full of privilege and I am well aware of it. 

This “movement” is a slap in the face to the entire LGBTQ community. It is especially vile considering it is a little over two weeks since the Orlando massacre. And, of course, started by right-wingers:

Proving, once again, how out of touch and ignorant conservatives are.

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