‘He’s Been Possessed By Sarah Palin!’: Hannity’s INSANE Late-Night Twitter Ramble Goes VIRAL (VIDEO)

This election is causing millions of Americans a lot of stress. However, some are cracking under pressure more than most.

Take for example Fox News’ Sean Hannity, who last week decided to express himself in some weird variant of “Palin-speak” over something to do with Josh Ernest, President Obama,”DT,” the “liberal media,” Canada, and finally Kenya.

Image via Mediaite.

Image via Mediaite.

Mediaite used its team of scientist to try and decipher this strange message that many theorize (actually probably just me) may have originated from an ancient extra-terrestrial right-wing alien entity.

“Hey, liberal media. It was White House press secretary Josh Earnest who refused to answer the question: will Obama stay in the US if Donald Trump wins? I said I’d pay a charter to any country they chose. I mentioned Canada, where the satire piece was written, and Kenya, where he once visited. Also, I am in need of serious professional help.”

By the way, the link that Hannity sent belongs to a site run by professional alt-right Twitter troll, Chuck Johnson, who was suspended from Twitter in May for threatening a civil rights activist.

Since then Hannity has unfortunately deleted the gloriously “drunken tweet” in question.

However, that didn’t stop the heartless, ruthless bastards on Twitter from trolling poor Hannity like there was no tomorrow.

Featured image via YouTube.

Image via Mediaite

Hannity “clarified” his tweet later in the week blaming the incoherent messages on not having his glasses and being “half asleep.”

Hannity’s explanation could offer deeper insight into the crazy things that come out of his mouth.

Just think about it.

We never see him wearing glasses, and he may be chronically sleep deprived from watching for Obama’s secret FEMA death camp agents out his window all night.

Mystery solved.

Featured image mashup via YouTube and YouTube.

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