HE’S BACK – America’s Favorite Southern Crusader On Freddie Gray, Lynchings, And Body Cams (VIDEO)

Dixon White is quickly becoming a folk hero of sorts to some. At first impression, he might appear to be just another “good o’l boy.” Just another racist redneck who’s gonna talk about how the white man is being oppressed or something. Then when you hear him talk you realize this is a guy who gets it. And this is a guy who has seen the disgusting underbelly of American racism and is now exposing it to the world.

The white, southern raised man started a national dialogue on race and systematic white supremacy with his original “Fear and Greed” video. Next, he challenged Americans to take the “Dixon White Challenge” and make their own video talking about racism in America, and many have. Now he is back talking about the modern day lynchings of black men and women like Freddie Gray.

And Dixon feels it is important to call it a lynching, which many would agree that’s exactly what it is. He also points out that the only reason we know about these lynchings today, which have been happening for hundreds of years, is because of the smart phone that can instantly capture the violence in action. This is technology that wasn’t available even in our recent past.

He also has a pragmatic call to action. For every cop to wear body cams – and have them on at all times. Common sense policy that an almost universal majority of Americans support. Dixon wants to make sure every politician from local to national hear the message and get the work done to equip all law enforcement, especially those who work directly in communities in public, to be equipped with these operational cameras.

A noble and pragmatic goal indeed. These videos are unscripted and unrehearsed. So they sometimes may contain some off color language or may not be as “edited” as we are used to in our modern, digital society. But Dixon D. White’s message is genuine, always rings true and shines bright light into some very dark corners. And we need more of that.

Watch his latest message HERE:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsGLOmYKP90&w=420&h=315]

Of course if you support ending these “lynchings” and requiring body cams for all cops, share this message on your wall. Nothing will happen unless we all act.

Dixon was kind enough to pass on this note to us and you to keep up the fight against racial intolerance, police brutality and the other injustices he is fighting against.

I asked Dixon for a statement, he was kind enough to respond with this -

I asked Dixon for a statement, he was kind enough to respond with this –

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