Hero Dog Refusing To Obey Command To Take Trump Loyalty Pledge At Rally Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Dogs are known for their loyalty, but apparently they aren’t willing to blindly pledge it to a bigoted buffoon like Donald Trump – unlike many of his supporters.

In a video that is quickly going viral, a dog that was brought – for some reason – to a Trump rally in Florida, reacts the way many of us would if we were asked to raise our hand in a Nazi-esque salute to Trump and pledge to vote for him: NOPE.

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If a bald eagle attacking Trump symbolizes America’s disgust in the real estate mogul, then a dog refusing to take his creepy loyalty pledge represents the American voter’s disgust in Trump’s rabid, often violent, fans. After all, even if you have been dragged to one of his noxious rallies on a leash, you don’t need to like it. Fight the power.

As might be expected of a Trump supporter, when the dog’s owner noticed his pet wasn’t properly saluting, he tried to force the dog to raise its paw. The dog seemed especially embarrassed.


Trump’s loyalty pledges have set off a firestorm of controversy in recent weeks. For many, the open hand gesture brings to mind images of a certain 20th-century fascist dictator. Trump’s own comments have shown that he isn’t exactly opposed to some of the more notorious tactics of Adolf Hitler, either. Whether it be establishing databases to track Muslims, engaging in torture, or using the military to kick in doors and deport entire families, Trump’s policy positions are inherently fascist.

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