Here’s Why Trump’s Being TIME’s Person Of The Year Should TERRIFY Us All (IMAGE)

Ever since Donald Trump launched his absolute travesty of a presidential campaign, cautious observers everywhere saw that his popularity was not normal. He has clear authoritarian instincts, contempt for our cherished democratic institutions and the rule of law, and has done a million things that would have ended any other political campaign, but still managed to roar his way first to the Republican nomination, and then to the White House. Now, he has been named TIME’s Person of the Year.

While many are outraged that Time chose Trump for this particular honor, others are making people realize just what it means. This is a spot of notoriety for many recipients – and not necessarily in a good way. There are several former holders of this title who should definitely give us pause with Trump in the 2016 slot and on his way to becoming the most powerful man in the world. Former Time honorees include notorious dictators such as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and of course, Vladimir Putin, whose so-called “leadership” Trump very much admires. Now there’s Trump. Shaun King tweeted out the chilling evidence:

Independent conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin, who is a former CIA agent and an expert on autocrats has already warned that Trump’s behavior – especially when it comes to his sore spot regarding his significant loss of the general election popular vote – is typical of autocrats, because they cannot stand to have any challenge made to their own legitimacy.

Trump’s becoming the latest Time Person of the Year is no accident. Time’s sub-headline for Trump’s cover was “President of the Divided States of America.” This is no honor. It is a warning – and one we’d best all heed.

Featured image via Ralph Freso/Getty Images

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