Here’s Why The Only Way To Watch A GOP Debate Is On Twitter (TWEETS)

Part of the fun… wait, the only fun about covering a Republican debate is following the live feed on Twitter. Sure, there are the crazy right-wingers and their “Vote for (fill in the blank)” Tweets — and they were crazier than usual this time. Maybe the holidays have everyone on edge; makes folks a bit hysterical.

But the real reason to follow the live feed on Twitter is for the comedy. Lots of people watch the debates simply to riff on them in Tweets, to the delight of those of us watching for work reasons. I followed the #CNNdebate and #GOPdebate feeds and I’ve picked a batch of the best for your comedy pleasure:

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Go to @LupeFiasco’s Twitter feed for a hilarious running commentary about the flag pins.

Thank the comedy gods for these and all the other Twitter comedians. They keep me from slitting my wrists from listening to Ted Cruz’s whiny voice and looking at Donald Trump’s orange face. There’s a Democratic debate coming up. I’ll be on Twitter, letting the Tweeters entertain me. Watch this space.

Featured Image via CNN Twitter feed 

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