Here’s What We Could Have Bought With The Money From Bush’s Illegal War

Now that the CIA has come clean that we went to war in Iraq over lies, it’s time to contemplate what we could have done with the money the US taxpayers spent so companies like Haliburton and the Carlyle Group could clean up with no-bid government contracts.

Reuters estimated that the war in Iraq cost over $2 Trillion. Add to that the cost of benefits owed to veterans and that number could climb to $6 Trillion with interest.

For the purposes of this article we’ll stick with the $2 trillion we’ve already spent.

What could we have bought with the $2 trillion Bush’s illegal war in Iraq cost?

  • 25 years of SNAP benefits at current funding levels. Feed the hungry or blow large holes in sovereign nations? For Dubyah the choice was clear.


  • 17 years of Obamacare subsidies. Those nasty taxpayer-funded subsidies that ensure affordable health care for everyone wouldn’t be such an issue, would they, Republicans?


  • 1700 meals for each and every homeless person in America. Again, feeding people may seem a bit archaic, but so is the compassion taught by that Jesus guy.


  • Every home in London. Why? Why not? We seem OK with spending that money to destroy a country and kill hundreds of thousands of people, why not pick up an intact city instead?


  • 115 million Ford Fiesta Hatchbacks. One for every household in America. Don’t need a Ford Fiesta?  Take it out back and burn it, which is essentially what we did with $2 trillion.


  • The 400 wealthiest Americans. Sure, they’re worth the same as 160 million average Americans, but we’re Americans.  We deserve the best.  A reverse “Hunger Games” scenario may be in order.


  • 2,222 national elections. The Koch Brothers plan to spend $900 million to buy the next one, maybe if we had our money back it could go to the highest bidder.


  •  A check for $6,400 for every man, woman and child in America, up to and including 11 million undocumented workers.  Fox News Headline: “Obama gives illegals $6,400 each to vote Democrat.”


  • All three of the Waltons and 200 Walmart Supercenters. Once we own them we can make them work three registers with lines a mile long while the other 33 registers sit dormant.  You know, like a Walmart.


  • 66,666 days worth of Congress. At $30 million a day, taxpayers could fund Congress and demand something…be….done…..about…..Hey, Wait a minute…

The point is that all that money wasted, all those lives lost and what do we have to show for it?  A recession so bad we had to name it “great,” a division of the people and our elected officials unlike anything America has witnessed since the abolition of slavery and a reputation with the rest of the world that has slowly gotten better under President Obama, but still lacks the luster it used to have.

If we had a dollar for every time the Bush administration screwed us over the eight year reign of terror we experienced, we’d be able to…Invade Iraq.


Featured Image: Pixshark

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