Here’s The Rousing Bernie Speech That Corporate Media Blacked Out Last Night (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders didn’t fare as well as he hoped in last night’s Super Tuesday contests, and it has many supporters feeling deflated. There’s still some really big contests coming up, including California and Pennsylvania, but nobody can deny a sense of demoralization following last night’s Super Tuesday contests. Nobody is quite “berned” out, but it didn’t quite feel like the fiery bern following the Michigan win.

If you’ve been following the several Democratic debates, you would hear how vociferous Bernie Sanders is against corporate media, particularly for their obnoxious obsession over Weapons of Mass Distraction. Realizing that a Bernie win might cause these bloated charlatans to actually do their job, they’ve even edited a Bernie speech in the past.

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Even though Bernie virtually tied Missouri and took plenty of delegates in Illinois, the mainstream media didn’t feel it was enough to interfere with their 24-7 Trump humping to acknowledge Bernie Sanders was addressing a crowd at a rally in Arizona. But both CNN and MSNBC flagrantly ignored it. Well, forget those obnoxious and perpetually wrong talking heads.

Here’s the video of Bernie speaking that you didn’t see:


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