Here’s The Bernie Sanders Article Forbes DIDN’T WANT YOU TO SEE (IMAGES)

There has been a lot of talk about how Bernie Sanders is getting an unfair deal by what is considered “mainstream” or otherwise establishment media outlets on both cable TV and online. That is showing to be true, especially with this latest numbskull move by Forbes.

Forbes published an article explaining exactly how a Sanders primary win and eventual presidential win could be possible, with a supporting list of factual ideas on how it would be accomplished. Not very controversial when you get right down to it. When you read it, it’s a valid political strategy that anyone could employ – except in this case it was about Bernie, the guy some in the media doesn’t want you to know exists.

Portions of the article are listed below. The complete text is available on Reddit in the following links. Screenshots below show that it was published only to be pulled later by Forbes.

How Bernie Sanders Will Win The Nomination (And The Presidency) by Ilya Pozin

Win Over Millennials
Millennials are now the largest demographic in America. With over 90 million members they outnumber the previous record holders, the Baby Boomers, by a significant margin making them the largest generation in American history. The election of 2008 showed the clout of millennial voters when Barack Obama won the Presidency and in the eight years since his election another 40% of the millennial generation has reached voting age…. READ MORE HERE

Take Advantage Of Social Media
Television and radio advertising costs a fortune. Running attack ads in every battleground state eats up a significant part of a Presidential Candidate’s budget. YouTube, however, is absolutely free! As are Facebook FB +0.20%, Twitter TWTR -4.38%, Snapchat, Instagram and every other popular form of social media used today…. READ MORE HERE

Build A Grassroots Movement
Money will go a long way in politics, a long way! However people will go farther. Donald Trump took the lead early in the Republican race by spending his own money and using his fame and namesake to promote himself. His message appeals to a segment of the Republican base who are excited enough to vote in the primaries and win him delegates…. READ MORE HERE

Stay On Message
One of the most important factors that Bernie Sanders has working on his behalf is his disapproval rating, or rather lack thereof. Politicians love to tout polls that claim how many people from a party or the nation as a whole support them as the candidate for President — On the Democratic side of the race Hillary Clinton also suffers from a dangerously high disapproval rating, around 51%. Much like with Trump, people who do not like Hillary feel very strongly about their disdain for her. Sanders on the other hand has relatively low unfavorable ratings, mid 30s on average and in most polls he has a net positive rating, meaning more people like him than dislike him…. READ MORE HERE

Here are screenshots of Google’s search cache and the corresponding URL on Forbes, which was no longer working.


via Imgur


via Imgur

Clearly, the article was there. Also, the article would have likely had to pass an editorial team before being published on the site. Somehow 11 hours after the content control process green-lit this article, someone there ordered to remove it.

You can be a Hillary supporter, Bernie supporter, or even a Republican and recognize the problem with this. Corporate censorship of our media during a presidential election cycle is being done in order to influence Americans’ votes. The really troubling thing is that it passed all the normal channels to being published, and then what can only be assumed as a corporate influence or outside political group requests got it pulled down. Our media, if it wants to continue having the privilege of being called that, must be held to accountability for this.

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