Here’s Proof That The Trump Campaign Is Just A Novelty Act

Politico released the financials of all of the presidential campaigns and there are several surprises. One is that Hillary Clinton is being killed by Jeb Bush in donations but that she’s doing a lot better in individual donations than many imagine. Another is that Donald Trump, who’s leading the GOP pack, has pretty much only raised money from himself.

The winner in finances so far is Jeb Bush, who has raised a whopping $103 million through super PACs and another $11 million through private donations. It may surprise many liberals to know that Clinton’s super PAC has only raised $24 million. The rest, $47.5 million, is all through private donations. Bernie Sanders has raised about $15 million through private donations, which isn’t a good sign for him.

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Most surprising, though, is Donald Trump, who is leading the GOP. He has raised only about $2 million in private donations – most of which from him – and he has no super PAC. Only Rick Santorum and George Pataki are doing worse than Trump.

For those of us who want Trump to stay in the race, for if nothing else, the entertainment factor, there’s good news. Trump is financing his own campaign. In fact, out of the $1.9 million, $1.8 million came from his pocket. While Trump may or may not have the money to finance an entire presidential campaign – he says he’s worth $10 billion, a number which has grown by $1 billion since he started to run. Forbes puts Trump’s net worth at $4 billion. It’s estimated that to win in 2016, a candidate will have to spend a whopping $5 million. That’s even rich for Trump’s blood, especially since much of his money is tied up and he has business associates dumping him right and left.

The other problem for Trump is that while he has piqued the interest of the base of the Republican party, very few people are putting their money where their mouths are. That fact alone indicates that even people who support Trump see him as a novelty act.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia.

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