Here’s How The Dixie Chicks Are Going To Troll Trump During A World-Wide Tour (IMAGE)

You might remember that time when the Dixie Chicks were turned into country music outcasts because they spoke out against George W. Bush and said they were ashamed that he was our president. The backlash from corporate-owned and right-wing media was swift. They were pulled from the airwaves and shunned by the music industry for having the courage to speak their mind about an American war criminal.

Now, several years later they are speaking their minds again. However, this time, there won’t be any stopping them. They’ve embarked on their DCX MMXVI World Tour on Wednesday in Cincinnati, and they’ve got a new political foe: Donald Trump.

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In the image below you can see a picture of just how they plan to give the man-child bully a taste of his own medicine, with the backdrop for their performance of the song Goodbye Earl.

It’s hard to be more appropriate. Trump is to America what Earl was to his wife in the song.

Something tells me that this time, the Dixie Chicks will not meet with the same resistance and shaming that they met when they went after George W. Bush. Natalie Maines has had her fair share of recent digs and jabs at Trump, as well as other Republican imbeciles before this concert was even a thing. Earlier this year, she took a shot at Donald’s rat nest of hair.

Then there was that one time she focused her displeasure on Ted Cruz.

People can say this won’t matter because Trump has done everything wrong and won the nomination anyway. The thing to remember is that despite how ineffective this might look, we are out of the primary and in the general election. The more people come out against Donald, the more it IS going to hurt him, because now he has to rely on independent and swing voters to secure a win. Pandering to racism isn’t going to keep giving him the returns it has been, and if people with a platform and voice like the Dixie Chicks use it against him he has no chance come November.

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