Here Are All The Kim Davis Memes You’ll Ever Need To P*ss Off Those Bigots And Zealots (IMAGE GALLERY)

Before the Kim Davis drama works its way through the news cycle and out of our lives once and for all, it’s important to sit back and reflect on what the whole thing means for America. As we sit and witness yet another chapter of American history and a win for equality, we need to consider just what this all means for America.

Does it mean an end to hate and bigotry? Will the walls of religious zealotry come crashing down? Is society about to be redefined as we move into the next phase of evolution?

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Nah…In the end a bunch of people who simply deserve to be treated like everyone else will get married and a couple of decades from now we’ll have to look back on this time to remember just how ridiculous the argument against it was. We’ll do it through reflection. We’ll tell stories that start with “I remember when.” We’ll watch the look of amazement on our grandchildren’s faces when they contemplate that there was a time when people in love couldn’t get married, the same way I looked at my mother when she told stories of black people marrying white people being illegal.

But most importantly, we’ll go to the cloud where we store our links and cached stories and pull up that one from If You Only News with all the hilarious memes about that ridiculous jerk whatshername from Kentucky.

Enjoy sharing them when you’ve decided to stop arguing the constitution with people who have never read it. Be sure to check the comments and by all means – feel free to add your own.

Here are the best Kim Davis memes on the internet so far.







davis8 davis9

There were also some notably funny memes that weren’t about Davis per se, but the issue in general:








As Davis rots in jail and the Christian right rallies around her, remember that not only are the men and women she refused to serve satisfied today, they are also unequivocally more free than she will ever be.

Images were all publicly posted to social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Davis’ image available to the public on Imgflip and YouTube.

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