Here’s A Hilarious Mash-Up Of Jeb!’s Most Pathetic Moments (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush has had a very difficult time. In fact, it’s been so difficult that part of me is really starting to feel sorry for him for being so incredibly pathetic. Maybe that’s the vote he’s going for now. The sympathy vote.

It all began when Bush’s mom told the world that there have been enough Bush’s in office. She has since changed her tune and done some campaign spots.

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Then the debates happened. There were many of those disaster debates where Jeb let Trump shout him down. Trump was condscending and Jeb always let it get under his skin. He probably would be more successful if he did a little work trying to find Trump’s weaknesses so he could hit him back.

Understandably, the campaign and Super PAC began to spend money. A lot of money. Hundreds of millions of dollars attempting to promote Jeb and tear down other candidates. Jeb’s polling numbers didn’t move an inch.

Then there were the turtles. Jeb carried them in his pocket in New Hampshire to give to young people to remind them that slow and steady wins the race.

What happened when he was giving an impassioned (for him) speech about foreign policy and a call for sense? Jeb needed to ask the audience to clap. Then he was kicked out of a Rotary meeting.

Then he needed his brother and his mom to help him on the campaign trail, doing ads for him and helping him seem like he knew what he was talking about. While standing with his mother he told reporters that he was excited today when his mom told him that he was her favorite.
“Ha, ha, ha! No I didn’t!” Mrs. Bush said to her son. “You mean of all the children?”
“Yeah,” Jeb said.
“No,” she said flatly.

Poor, sad Jeb.


Featured image via video capture.

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