Here’s A Glimpse At Peaceful Life In Australia Since It Banned Assault Weapons

The most tragic shooting at the Pulse LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida now marks the 15th gun massacre President Obama has had to address in his two terms as president. As much as I never want to accept stronger hurricanes and hotter summers as the new normal, it is still much easier than accepting gun massacres as the new normal. Both of which, I might add, are something our Republican Congress wants to do nothing about.

But Australia appears to be run by adults.

So you know how America has had countless gun shootings, including the murdering of school children? Moreover, how we all wring our hands, say some sh*t about mental illness and then do nothing because the NRA owns Congress? Well, Australia is the total opposite. Ever since experiencing its most brutal gun shooting in history in the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre, Australia’s government banned assault weapons. As a result, there have only been three mass shootings in the last two decades with a total of 8 people dead.

Screw Canada! Let’s all run away to Australia. They have freaking kangaroos (none of which are armed).

Christina Upton, a cinema employee in Australia, was in awe at the fact that it has been 20 years since a heavily armed white Australian male murdered 35 people for no reason. Naturally, she feels the decades of peace is probably because the Australian government decided to strip her of a God-given right to own weapons that would make John Rambo blush.

Yeah, I mean the Yanks come across as sick people. This year there have been more mass shootings in America than calendar dates… But it wasnt that long ago that Australia had postal workers holding their entire office hostage with AR-15s.

The fact of the matter is that ammosexuals and their lust for guns, as well as  Republican cowards in Congress willing to do the NRA s bidding, are the reason why our country can NEVER have sensible gun laws. However, the Democratic filibuster to demand action on guns might be the final obstacle to banning ordinary (and deranged) citizens from acquiring these Rambo guns. Hopefully, we can start looking more like the other Western democracies, instead of Somalia.

Featured image via Daniel Munoz/Getty Images

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