Here We Go Again: Trump Supporter Attacks Black Protester At Violent Rally (VIDEO)


Yet again a black protester has been physically attacked at a Donald Trump rally by one of the bigoted frontrunner’s supporters.

The incident, which occurred in Albany on Monday, was caught on camera by The Daily Gazette‘s Kate Seckinger.

The video she posted to social media shows rallygoers and protesters clashing, when suddenly, another man runs up to join in the melee. He reaches out and grabs an African American man by the face. As fellow Trump supporters drag him away, he continues to assault the protester, slapping him in the face.

MSNBC caught up with the violently aggressive Trump supporter after the incident, where he identified himself as Mike and explained why he felt justified in attacking the protester.

I have my personal rights and my personal space. They’re gonna start yelling about some bullshit, I’ll snatch your ass up. That’s all.

When he was asked if he was a Trump supporter, he had a colorful and clearly well-thought out response.

Hell yeah! He’s no bullshit. All balls. Fuck you all balls. That’s what I’m about.

You can watch that interview here, via MSNBC:

Featured image via video screen capture

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