Here Is The Ridiculous List Of Debate Demands The GOP Candidates Sent To The Networks (IMAGE GALLERY)

The crybabies of the GOP Presidential clown car have officially decided to bypass RNC control of the national debate format and take matters into their own hands. Being sick and tired of being asked questions they don’t like about policies they’d rather ignore or issues they have no agenda for, the candidates made sure to include demands for future debates that would ensure they got 8 minutes of bliss each — with no nasty happenings, whatsoever.

Here are the requirements to host the new and improved Republican tea and crumpet parties, where there is nothing negative allowed at any time, as reported by Robert Costa:

The list of demands is not only ridiculously long, it’s just plain ridiculous. Apparently if you want to host a Republican debate you have to be willing to ask pre-approved questions with zero emotion, disallow any kind of controversy or difference of opinion between candidates, each other and the moderators and have your cameras pointed front and center in a perfectly controlled climate at 67 degrees.

Or they could just stay home — since they’re gonna lose anyway.

Featured image via screen capture

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